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Stage32/Netflix Webinar

With Jeanette B. Milio

How to Write a TV Series to Budget

Negotiation of Art vs. Reality

Art: Your idea and your script. How do you best merge art with commerce?

Reality: Buyers and distributors must adhere to feasible budgets to achieve an

ROI on content they acquire and produce. How can writers support this development to get their project green-lit?

Let's talk about how writers can work on characters, locations and scenes in a way that makes their project feasible, and how the "Trickle-Down-Effect" can impact the costs and expenses connected to your script.


State Of The Industry. Virtual Film Finance Summit 

Expert Panel moderated by Jeanette B. Milio

One of the biggest pieces needed to put together your film always comes down to the financing. Understanding how film funds have changed is important if you want to know how to finance your next project. So where does everything currently sit? How can you get your next film financed?

Stage32 brought bona fide experts in the world of film finance together for a FREE Film Finance Summit to give you the lowdown. Experts include producers and financiers of films like MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, GOOD WILL HUNTING, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, THE CATCHER WAS A SPY, LOVING VINCENT, and CHICK FIGHT and continue to actively produce and finance new films as we move into this new era of our industry. The State Of the Industry: Financing Film panels is hosted by Jeanette B. Milio.


From First $ to Profit Distribution
by UCLAx Online

With Jeanette B. Milio

The global UCLAx Online initiative offers a new film finance online course, taught by Jeanette B. Milio, that covers every step in the value chain of development, financing, production and distribution for globally viable content.

This course covers the financial aspects of each step of the motion picture value chain (from development through profit participation) and considers the implications of financial choices. Designed to give you a general understanding of how financial deals are structured, topics include how film financing is secured, connecting the production budget to the financing, when a completion guarantor is required, and the various types of domestic and international distribution arrangements. You also learn about third-party profit participation agreements and the practical aspects and procedures that underlie them; terms and definitions that impact bottom line considerations, including contingent compensation; distribution fees and expenses; the producer's share of profit; distinctions between production, distribution, and marketing costs; and how these costs may significantly impact recoupment and profits.

Film Financing Today: How to Finance a Film in the $5MM-$10MM Budget Range
With Jeanette B. Milio

Audiences are starved for great original content, but studios are making fewer and fewer original, mid-budget films.

The market has been deprived of these films, and it's on innovative producers like yourself to fill in the void and bring your unique perspective on storytelling to audiences

It's never been more achievable to produce a theatrically-released mid-budget film on your own if you have the right tools and access to the ideal finance, production, and distribution strategy.

Learn how to achieve the best $5 to $10 million film for the best revenue and widest audience.

Film Financing Today: The Best Way to Make a Profit with your Film In Today’s Marketplace

With Jeanette B. Milio

An independent film is not just a creative endeavor; it’s also a business. You’re sourcing financing and bringing in investors, building a team, and creating a property that will (hopefully) ultimately make money.
To operate successfully in the world of independent film and continue to make films that you’re proud of, you need to be able to understand the dynamics and the relation between financing, distribution and recoupment of film investments so you and your investors can both leave with a profit.

The business side of films is often especially difficult for filmmakers and creative producers, but it's actually more possible than you think. No matter how big or small your film is, there are multiple ways you can find funding and multiple ways you can ultimately create profitability. And while it might not be second nature for creatives, once you get a handle on how to make this process work for you, you will also be able to create a business model that you can apply to your future projects, and eventually a portfolio of profitable assets (or films) that will serve as an effective and undeniable calling card as you continue to grow in the industry.

Film Financing: How to Produce a Film Between $15MM-$30MM

With Jeanette B. Milio

The opportunities for financing and producing a film between $15-$30MM have never been better, so long as you know exactly where to look and what the path for it is.

You'll need to know how to pick the right script, break down every aspect of your budget through distribution, understand distribution options, and how to structure your finance sources to optimize your returns.

In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, we will discuss the various options available today for financing and producing a film for $15 to $30 million.


A Step-By-Step Guide To Financing Content For Television
With Jeanette B. Milio

The surge of television platforms, networks, and streamers in recent years has drastically opened up the world of television content production, spelling good news for aspiring content creators around the world.

Networks and Streamers are actively building their slates and looking for new content. With these opportunities, it’s more than possible to create, sell and be profitable on your own independent TV series. Yet this does not mean it’s easy. Financing and recouping costs for independent television production requires a firm understanding of the constantly changing TV landscape and opportunities available to secure funding.

Film Financing Today: How to Finance a $1MM-$3MM Film

With Jeanette B. Milio

With numerous financing options available and platforms for distribution, there's never been a better time for $3 million and under films from great new talent.

Is your desire for your script to be a commercial film holding you back from producing it yourself? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of coming up with those big numbers and convinced only a big studio could bring your project to life?

Whether you're making an intimate character study or a high-concept comedy, there's no need to wait to produce your film.

Investors and producers avoid films in the $1 to $3 million range as these lower budgets are riskier, but the returns have the greatest rewards if you produce them correctly


A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Your Project Green-Light Ready
With Jeanette and Jim Milio

The 4-week workshop is limited to 15 participants per workshop. Only pre-selected projects will be accepted to the workshop.

Jeanette and Jim limit the participants and projects to give each project and participant the attention they deserve.

Over the course of four half-day weekend meetings, your project idea will be developed into a salable concept that is ready to be introduced to an investor and/or a distributor, with a high probability to be green-lit. Additionally, Jeanette and Jim will assist with related agreements with investors, distributors, rights holders, managers and agents, to line up important agreements in a way common pitfalls are avoided.

The workshop is ongoing, and you will be provided with the next available spot when you apply with your project. 


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