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About Jim's book...


Every year, untold thousands of actors, writers, directors, and producers flock to Hollywood and other production centers in hopes of getting their big break. It’s a harrowing process at best, and many leave town with broken hearts and dreams. But now, help has arrived!

It’s a formidable task to try and break into movies and TV, but Jim’s new book offers the keys to the Hollywood kingdom, illuminated by true tales of his encounters with Alfred Hitchcock, Jimmie Stewart, Will Ferrell, Nia Vardalos, Liza Minelli, Robert DeNiro and dozens more.


While poking fun at Marvel’s Infinity Stones, Jim’s Hollywood “Finity” stones - so called because he can only prove that they work on earth - offer real-world examples that illustrate his powerful themes.

  • The Entertainment Industry Operates on Fear

  • You Need More Than Talent (also, you can also succeed with minimal talent!)

  • Nobody Knows Anything


Welcome to the baffling conundrums of the entertainment industry…If the business needs more content now than ever, why is it even harder than ever to sell projects?

  • For every part that is cast, 10 to 100 (or more) actors don’t get that very part.

  • For every film that gets produced and distributed, 100 or more never flicker across a screen.

  • For every script an executive greenlights, he/she reads 50 or more that get tossed into his/her Gucci garbage can


This book is a refreshing and humorous new take on how to maneuver around these treacherous minefields while demonstrating how to triumph in a business that loves to use the word “no.” After you read this book, you are guaranteed to be older or wiser.

Jim Milio 

"Jim's Hollywood Finity Stones"


About the Author Jim Milio,

Award-winning Writer, Director, Producer


Jim Milio has been a writer, producer, and director of television and films for more than thirty years.


Jim has written, produced, or directed more than 400 hours of television including Dog Whisperer for National Geographic, Founding Fathers for the History Channel, Rescue 911 for CBS, the Emmy nominated Great Moments in Disney Animation for ABC, and The Real Las Vegas for A&E.


In film, Jim wrote and directed Men Seeking Women starring Will Ferrell and was the co-executive producer of the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  He has won three People’s Choice Awards (Dog Whisperer, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Rescue 911) and been nominated for several Emmy Awards and Writer’s Guild Awards.


Milio also teaches courses at UCLAx, including "The Business of Entertainment" as well as "Writing, Directing and Producing Reality Television series and Documentaries


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