"The industry has changed and continues to do so. It's like everything else in life. Noting stays the same. Welcoming and incorporating change is what keeps us moving forward"

Jeanette B. Milio

A comprehensive guide on

Film & Television Financing Today 

Hollywood can be a jungle if you don't know how to navigate it. This book covers the actual financial aspects of the Hollywood industry today. It lays out each step of the motion picture and television project value chain, from development through profit participation, and illustrates the implications and risks of financial choices.


Filmmakers and investors alike gain a thorough understanding of how to maneuver safely through a complex industry in a way that reduces risks and optimizes profits.

  • How to secure financing for film and television projects today

  • How to establish risk mitigating and profit optimizing financial models

  • How to finance and develop a project that is green-lit

  • How to structure a feasible production budget

  • How to avoid budget overages and delivery delays

  • How to find worldwide distribution and what deals make sense today

  • How to secure rights & talent (cast, director)

  • What agreements are essential and what terms impact the bottom line

  • What are the pitfalls and how to avoid them

  This book s designed is for anyone who wants to obtain a solid

  understanding of the current industry, its risks, and its opportunities.


What People Say About The Book

"Jeanette's advice is nothing short of amazing. What she writes about and what she teaches literally saved my project from blowing up and never happening.

This is must-have information for any producer."

Ran Yatim, Writer-Director-Producer, Los Angeles


Jeanette B. Milio is a producer and financier of mainstream film and television content, distributed worldwide. To date, she produced and/or financed over 45 film / TV projects with a total production volume exceeding $250 million.

Her projects have been distributed in more than 150 countries around the globe by leading network stations and studios, and feature Academy-award-winning talent both in front of and behind the camera.



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Entertainment Finance: From First $ to the distribution of Profits (UCLAx)
This course covers the financial aspects of each step of the motion picture value chain (from development through profit participation) and considers the implications of financial choices. Instructor: Jeanette B. Milio
Date:   (ongoing)
Location / Format: Online
Inquiries: / Information:  HERE
The Business of Entertainment (UCLAx)
TThis introductory course examines the changing business issues associated with the entertainment industry through lectures, discussions with industry guests, and case studies.
Instructor: James Jim Milio ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding")
Date:   (ongoing)
Location / Format: Online
Inquiries: / Information:  HERE
Digital Hollywood
Panel "The Deal Making Process: From Feature Film, TV & OTT to Branded Content, Internet and Indie Film Making," with Jeanette B. Milio, and other panelists
Location / Format: Skirball Center, Los Angeles, panel discussion & online web seminars
Inquiries / Information: HERE
One-on-One Project Consultation
Guidance for projects, scripts, packaging and development, pitch materials, finance, and business plans, distribution and sales, sizzle reels, production services, and entertainment finance questions
Date: Individually  scheduled
Location/Format: In-person, phone or online meeting
Inquiries: HERE

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